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Training in the Automotive Industry has accelerated across all the highways of the automobile business. In keeping with the customers’ aspirations and their safety, several disruptive automotive technology solutions have swing into gear vis-a-vis car design and engineering. KREDO provides fast lane to continually develop and upgrade automotive skills for value addition and competitive edge. Assemble versatile courses for the automotive industry to create a seamless learning experience. Be it lighter materials being used for manufacturing, recycling concepts, energy transition, new motorization capabilities, moving towards autonomous and connected driving or dealing with Industry 4.0, KREDO helps you build every learning journey.

KREDO is the globally preferred learning platform for the ’Automotive Industry’.

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Author concise, standalone piece of content that focusses on the specific learning outcome. Whether it is a 5-10-minute bite-sized eLearning module or longer, it can be made innovative and enthralling with a spectrum of templates such as games, videos, virtual technologies etc. The blend of approaches can be mapped to the training needs of the employees. KREDO’s learning platform has the pitch and the torque that allows the creation of micro learning courses ranging from a manual to an immersive mechanic floor training and anything in between. Learners can learn from a talented pool of subject experts and trainers.

Immersive Learning

Virtual technology is a powerful education tool and can amp your learning quotient in the automotive industry. Assemble, dissemble, and repair the automobile in virtual mechanic shop; learn automotive starting system operation and schematic diagnosis, vehicle dynamics, engine design, engine lubrication systems etc. in a 3D immersive environment that mirrors the reality. Virtual and Augmented Reality are making immense impact on automotive design, engineering, manufacturing as well as maintenance. Your learning modules should keep pace. Build Interactive and authentic customer service scenarios.


Map the flow of materials, information; teach ethics, logistics standards, safety procedures, accreditation standards etc., in a way that is engaging and captivating. Our gamification strategy will add advantage to your training process. It enthuses thrill, revs up the mood and makes learning more sustainable for future use. Cover key aspects of health and safety training in a manner that is engaging, exciting and yet focused.

Learning Path

Map a learning path on KREDO with courses, documents, meetings, quizzes, and surveys for an individual or a group of learners in your company. The employees can learn the self-paced course anytime and anywhere to meet the training goals of the organization. They can participate in discussions, win learning points and awards to unlock the potential of the learner and the organization. With KREDO, automotive training can traverse a path from indoors such as assembly floor training to outdoors like sales and technician training. Put together a simple or an elaborate learning journey on assembly lines. You can create engaging learning solutions across all automotive verticals.

Memory Boosters & Remediation

Memory booster courses and remediation feature are very helpful across all the levels of training cycle. They steer you through the potholes of knowledge gaps, limited understanding; and keep you moving consistently on the road of eLearning. Recent technologies in automobiles such as automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist, hybrid technology and so on have hit the road. Learn, Revise and Stay Ahead with KREDO. Retrain staff in new departments or organizations.

In a nutshell, KREDO helps address the diversified needs in ‘Automotive’ through various means.

Your Industry-Relevant Requirement How KREDO Helps?
Dynamic Content Creation – Auto Service & Repair, Car Sales, Customer Service Courses, Learning Journeys
– Onboarding Plant Workers in Manufacturing Units Courses, Feedback, Meetings, Assignments
Managing Diverse Verticals – Business Culture, Logistics, R&D Courses, Learning Journeys, Feedback, Learning Assets
Solutions and Innovation – Organizational Level, Dealership Level, Suppliers and Partners Assessments, Courses, Gamification, Learning Journeys
IATF, ISO Standards, Safety Requirement Courses, Surveys, Questionnaires
Competitive Edge, Skilling, Technology Awareness Learning Assets, Learning Journeys, Feedback, Surveys
Management – Quality Control, Sustainability, Information Security Assignments, Courses, Feedback, Meetings, Surveys
Engagement, Stickiness, Trends Courses, Memory Boosters, Remediations

The Global Automotive Market consisted of 85+ million units in 2020 as per a report. This domain employs millions of people across various skill sets ranging from engineers to customer sales. The learning spectrum includes soft skills training such as global business etiquette, change management, decision making, problem solving. The technical aspect comprises gasoline or diesel, petrol and other energy sources-based engine fundamentals, advanced driver assistance systems, automotive electrical diagnosis, automobile engineering, vehicle dynamics, automotive product design and development, automotive functional safety to name a few. The Do-It-Yourself course creation on KREDO for any training need helps you sustain the industry leadership.

“The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten” ~ Aldo Gucci. An agile training program enables your employees to add value and engineer quality that will make your automotive company blaze a trail for others to follow. Leverage on globally preferred eLearning content development platform KREDO to sculpt dream cars into reality. Engineer quality with digital eLearning solutions to make dream cars a reality. KREDO helps you set your tomorrow in motion, right now.

Access KREDO on Any Device, Anywhere, Anyplace, Anytime! Looking forward to this journey with you.

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