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Training in the Hospitality Industry now has given all of us novel training challenges and the need to forge new sets of training competencies. The increase and evolution in business globalization, through the COVID-19 pandemic, is having a strong effect on training and development in particular. Culture is very important in the design and implementation of hospitality training. The hospitality industry is a place where there is a high possibility of finding workforce non-participation rates. Therefore, it is no-brainer that you need KREDO that embraces training in a manner that you find and keep hold of the qualified workers, and also help the ones yet to realize their hidden potential, let alone the full potential.

KREDO is the globally preferred learning platform for the ’Hospitality Industry’.

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Bite-Sized Learning Solutions

Smallest action and detail are the most memorable one. Small is powerful. Whether it is front desk upselling; agents’ billing and remittance procedures; fundamentals of guest experience; training for ISO or similar accreditation auditing and just about anything, the vast knowledge can be shrunk to bite sized learning capsules simple to create, effortless to learn.  Hospitality is one avenue where creativity doesn’t have to go through an approval cycle. On-the-job innovation is key, which means anyone from your organization can be the author of the learning modules created in KREDO.

Dynamic Content Development

Hospitality encompasses three broad categories – Accommodations, Food & Beverage, and Travel & Tourism. A comprehensive digital learning solution has a wide reach to envelop the diverse skill sets, culture, and roles with an array of templates that include images, charts, games, videos, virtual tours and more. True hospitality is about giving the best experience to your guests. So, your teams need to deliver great experiences. Are you ready to take your staff to the next level? Include checklists, guides, posters, and handbooks to continue your hospitality training efforts, through what KREDO calls as ‘Learning Assets’.

Endless Horizon

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Travel Agents or Consultants; Customer Service Managers; Event Managers; Convention Center In-Charge; Staff or Leaders; Franchise or Partners – anyone mentioned here and beyond can succeed by continuing to move their learning cheese. Optimize your training costs and time with action oriented, self-paced, out of the world learning experience with wide array of templates and for myriad learning requirements. For example, you can utilize hotspot and zoom features for room auditing training; rich text images pop up, expansion and carousel for food preparation and safety procedures etc.


Learning through playing accelerates the process of internalization of knowledge. Handling of 1000’s of people through ‘n’ number of event gates; movement of the new guests through different processes in hotels, resorts; supply chain management; several aspects of event management; auditing of the venue etc., are good examples for the use of our gamification templates in the hospitality segment.

Learning Path

Hospitality is all about a journey. Your employees in event management, hotels, restaurants, travel & tourism industry and so on, can help their guests at every bend by walking on our learning path. With a series of courses, documents, meetings, quizzes and surveys your staff can learn to give their best to the customers. This is just one side of the coin. But there I another aspect which many overlook in this industry, it’s ‘Promotion’. Training directly addresses that concern by showing how their current job can lead them to a more responsible position, through a learning experience.

The Wow Moment

Hospitality is all about an opportunity to create a WOW moment and we are sure you cannot refute this. An agile microlearning platform will offer amazing learning journeys to help your staff and managers delight their customers. A virtual learning experience, bringing together geographies is what all aspire but with us, you don’t need to aspire as we provide the space and foundation to share those real-life experiences be it images, conversations keeping linguistics in mind. Elaborating on processes, discovery, problem solving, etc., all have ways to achieve it through a unique blend of video, audio, images and more.

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Hospitality is love in action. While love is the matter of heart, expression through tasks need to be mastered. A comprehensive, self-paced, action-oriented learning solution can reskill and upskill to provide consistent experience leading to loyalty and retention. Courteous behavior and a ‘YES’ mindset go together. As world leaders in custom eLearning content development and solution provider, we will cater to your training needs with the learning platform and our off-the shelf courses.

In a nutshell, KREDO helps address an enormity of needs in ‘Hospitality’ through various means.

 Your Industry-Relevant Requirement How KREDO Helps?
Identifying the Right Talent with Sensitivity Feedback, Surveys
Dwelling into Industry, Culture and Diversity Feedback, Meetings, Surveys
Defining a Culture of Success Assessments, Questionnaires
Is it Crisis Management or Contingency? Courses, Feedback, Learning Journeys
Content and Situational Awareness Courses, Feedback, Learning Journeys
Hospitality and the Future Learning Journeys, Surveys, Questionnaires
Learning Through Customer Inclusivity Assignments, Feedback, Meetings, Surveys
Engagement, Stickiness, Trends Courses, Memory Boosters, Remediations

This is just a tip of the iceberg. Let’s connect and change the future of your organization, where setting a benchmark isn’t the norm but elevating the benchmark becomes a habit.

With KREDO, we’ll facilitate, and you’ll drive the conversion of F2F training into interesting, intriguing on-demand audio-visuals illustrating the use of your services, capabilities, technology, products, and getting to a point of simulating a real-life classroom and still request for content, on-demand. The healthcare sector will always have a vital role to play in the sustenance of life. KREDO embraces diversity so you build what you need, when you need with the care and sensitivity aspect being accounted for. Like for roles in ‘Medicine’ like Doctors, Nurses, etc.; roles in the ‘Allied’ space like Dietician, Paramedics, Therapists, etc.; roles in ‘Research’ like Biomedical Specialist, Microbiologist, etc.; roles in ‘Medical Technology’ like Biomedical Engineer, Clinical Technology Specialist, Lab Technicians, etc., are a few of the many examples

Access KREDO on Any Device, Anywhere, Anyplace, Anytime! Looking forward to this journey with you.

KREDO learning platform Hospitality Industry

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