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Training in the Manufacturing Industry has moved a world ahead. Are you prepared for the fourth industrial revolution aka Industry 4.0? Fast-growing technology in the manufacturing space is the in-thing today but how many of you also want to embrace a fast-growing learning platform. Think about it. Why don’t you give a cutting edge to your training strategy with KREDO, where your products come to life?  Build a bridge between people, skills, innovation, and technology and then directly impact your production, turnover, and business.

KREDO is the globally preferred learning platform for the ’Manufacturing Industry’.

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Assembly Line Learning

Assemble courses, set-up quizzes, upload documents, set-up crunch meetings, and define surveys to charter the learning path of your employees so that they can maximize their potential and add long term value to the organization. We introduce formats such as video-based content, interactivity, and micro-nuggets of information that are easy to consume.

Comprehensive Digital Learning Solutions

The diverse manufacturing training includes and isn’t limited to equipment knowledge, process training, safety training or quality control. Some have huge proportions of practicality involved like electronic assembly workmanship, machinery & machine guarding, system engineering, tolerance & variance calculations, waste materials management. etc., and these could be very extensive and expensive too. But with KREDO, flip any training need by choosing from our template library to create amazing learning experiences. The immersive virtual technologies help manufacturing unit employees to learn operations and repairs without risking their safety.


Gaming templates makes learning fun and effective. They can be used for training assembly workmanship tasks; use of robots in automated plants; floor, waste, or supply management; troubleshooting, safety standards and more. The enhanced knowledge outcome has led to faster, cost-effective procedures coming as suggestions from the workforce, leading to better quality manufactured products, enhanced worker, and employee experience. 

Lean Learning Modules

Make lean, bite-sized, action-oriented eLearning solutions to train your workforce, managers, and staff to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of your manufacturing company and those in the supply chain. With no coding required, anyone can be the author of the self-paced courses on the microlearning platform. The availability of a series of templates enables you to build focused modules for workforce in Power and Energy, Controls, Manufacturing Processes & Guidelines, General Design, Fluids and Fluid Power, Thermal and Electrical, Motors – Electrical, Mechanical Components, Communications Systems, Robotics, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Mechatronics, and Automation are a few to name.

Remediation and Memory Boosters

Manufacturing is a highly competitive space, where each day something new pops up. It is important to optimize processes, keeping everything organized and standardized and this could lead to a slip-up. Nothing wrong in it provided you address it when it first happens and then ensure it never happens again. With the help of remediation, bridge the knowledge gap. Manage failure so that throughput can be quantified and stabilized. And memory boosters help to revise and practice the knowledge that tends to fade, thereby keeping the manufacturing training lean and optimum.

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A comprehensive digital learning solution promotes employee and production efficiencies and helps your manufacturing organization to stay ahead of the curve. Explore synergies with us for the creation of an optimal learner experience design that leads to business results. Several components like learning architecting, content digitization and optimization, online app and learning adoption, all come together to give a digital learning experience and we are at the forefront.

In a nutshell, KREDO helps address the diversified needs in ‘Manufacturing’ through various means.

 Your Industry-Relevant Requirement How KREDO Helps?
Identifying and Bridging Skills Gaps Feedback, Survey
Labor Shortage and Skilled Labor Shortage Assessment, Feedback, Survey
Addressing Technology Proliferation Course, Learning Journey
Products, Processes, Services – Portfolio Course, Learning Journey
Training and User Persona Course, Feedback, Learning Journey
Compliance, Regulations, Risks, Safety Learning Journey, Survey, Questionnaire
Building a Knowledge Hub Learning Assets, Feedback, Survey
Engagement, Stickiness, Trends Course, Memory Booster, Remediation

This is just a tip of the iceberg. Let’s connect and change the future of your organization, where setting a benchmark isn’t the norm but elevating the benchmark becomes a habit.

The training chassis of the manufacturing industry is a long one and still broadening. The product could be a pin, a car, or an aircraft; the process could be manufacturing technical processes, manufacturing maintenance, manufacturing resource planning, material handling and so on. Customized eLearning solutions can be made for any training need on through various permutations and combinations of an in-house Author’s imagination using our learning platform. And this person, could be from any department of your choice or any line of manufacturing.

Access KREDO on Any Device, Anywhere, Anyplace, Anytime! Looking forward to this journey with you.

KREDO learning platform Manufacturing Industry

If you thought that this is all, there’s more! Strategically aligned business capabilities for your learning blueprint.

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