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How to create successful sales enablement training using KREDO Learning Platform

How to create successful sales enablement training using KREDO Learning Platform

Introduction Summary

Sales teams are always on the move, literally and figuratively. They constantly need to upgrade themselves with new knowledge to excel in their profession. Training is imperative, and what better than microlearning given their hectic schedules? In this blog, we will explore how you can use a learning platform for sales enablement.



Sales teams need to understand the various features, benefits, and advantages of the products or services. Sometimes, the products or services have new features or offerings which they need to know. Armed with complete knowledge, they can compete well in a challenging marketplace.

Sales teams must constantly upgrade themselves and learn new things. Attending a formal training session may not always be feasible, given their hectic schedules. Therefore, I suggest that sales teams are equipped with knowledge that is available at their fingertips. This is possible with microlearning, especially when it is driven through a platform like KREDO.

Let me explain how in the next section.

Using a Learning Platform for Sales Enablement

You can use a learning platform in diverse ways to engage and excite sales teams and enable them with the knowledge and understanding required to perform well on their job.

Learning platforms such as KREDO help teams access learning content easily and quickly.

Following are the benefits of the learning platform to make your sales enablement training a success.

Improve overall efficiencies in the training lifecycle

KREDO helps organizations create and publish Microlearning courses and experiences with ease, rollout seamlessly, and track learners’ performance with intuitive analytics. The easy course creation and deployment followed by tracking of user data provides organizations with the proper ammunition for further training interventions. By performing these, organizations can achieve overall efficiencies in the training lifecycle.

Improve learner interest and engagement

KREDO helps sales teams to immerse themselves in the learning process fully. The courses are short, fun and engaging, replete with activities that engage their brain cells.

Thus, the executives are constantly engaged as they need to pay attention to the activities to be performed.

Improved productivity and knowledge base

Sales teams looking to upskill themselves, obtain information at their fingertips and apply the concepts learnt to the job better, improving productivity and efficiency. Through KREDO, learners can go through a series of short courses to obtain the right knowledge that helps them perform better at the workplace, which improves productivity.

Better metrics

Organizations can gain a lot from KREDO when implementing sales enablement programs.

KREDO helps organisations engage their employees more meaningfully and get better data on employee engagement level and performance. The metrics provided by KREDO are highly detailed and granular. L&D teams can get a variety of data points both at the course level as well as individual user level. One can further use the data to analyse various trends or patterns and take corrective measures as appropriate.

When implemented well, microlearning goes a long way in training and enabling the sales force to acquire real-time updates and knowledge bites that can be implemented just-in-time and used during sales conversations.

Learners benefit as they get through the modules quickly and can repeat the learning many times as well. Retention is better and, application of the concepts on the job is better as well.

Microlearning can be implemented as bite-sized eLearning courses, video nuggets, small games, quizzes, or infographics. Sales teams on the move can benefit from video nuggets, as they like to have more personal touch in their training.


To conclude, you can make your sales enablement program successful through a learning platform such as KREDO. A learning platform provides easy course creation, rollout and tracking of learner progress. It is useful for organizations looking to provide bite-sized learning interventions for their sales enablement programs.

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