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KREDO: The New Platform for Rapid Development and Delivery of Microlearning

KREDO: The New Platform for Rapid Development and Delivery of Microlearning

Embrace Microlearning. Why? That’s because, it will catapult your learners to be the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) you always wanted them to be. Microlearning is everywhere now, hardly deniable. Everyone wants to learn, but with a few caveats like learn on the go, learn as they work, learn with less effort and yet be productive. KREDO was envisioned to drive business today and build a sustainable journey for your future, and most importantly answers all the caveats.

Imagine you have 20 minutes to get into the queue to board a flight, and you are seated by the departure gate. Or you are stuck in traffic in the cab on your way home and the GPS says 30 minutes to go. Realistically possible, isn’t it? Now let’s consider, for starters, if you could utilise this time to switch on your laptop, and create a 2-slide course on any client-specific awareness program or a new product update? KREDO is your answer to how this time can be made productive. There could be many such situations where you have time in hand.

If 30 minutes could give you such an acclaimed outcome, imagine what an hour could do? You will save Cost, Effort and Time for sure. But then again, you have already heard this a million times. Let’s look deeper now and see what KREDO as a Microlearning Tool, means for your organization and employee base, well beyond the obvious.

  1. C.O.S.T. (Cuts Out Slow-Moving Tasks): With pace and precision you would be able to define a learning journey that is easy to adopt and adapt. Where you feel learners are taking time to complete a task, would convert into high performance productive outcomes.
  2. E.F.F.O.R.T. (Ensures Familiarity Flexibility Originality Reusability Transferability): The learning curve drastically reduces owing to the quick development and launch of the courses which stays familiar as what the leaner’s wish to see. Organizations are given the capability to use different formats resonating to the organization’s needs and the knowledge transfer becomes seamless.
  3. T.I.M.E. (Timely Intervention Mastering Excellence): With KREDO, there is never a perfect time. We are ready right now, and at any time. I’m sure you have heard of WYSIWYG but with KREDO it is WYSIWYC, in other words, What You See Is What You Create. It takes a few weeks to a month to master any new tool but with KREDO, spend a few hours on it and you’ll become an SME. Even better, work with our trainers and by the time you are off the call, you’ll be raring to go.

So, if you now notice, there is a lot more KREDO gives you beyond what you already know. Success with KREDO is inevitable. KREDO is not about making you better but it’s about enabling you to discover and invent new possibilities by looking into the Cost, Effort and Time, you invest to make learning fun and still effective.


The competitive advantage that KREDO has with respect to the rapid development of Microlearning courses is that KREDO enables you to get into the lives of your learners at key junctures that will help you address questions like:

  1. When do they really need it?
  2. Would it be during the day, early afternoon, late evenings, or weekends?
  3. Would it be at their desk?
  4. Would it be during their lunch or dinner breaks?
  5. Would it be when they are on a treadmill?
  6. Would it be when they commute to and from work?

The authoring capability within KREDO has an interface that helps the author visualize the final output without taking time to elicit feedback from the stakeholders. KREDO is hierarchy independent, which means, the decision makers right from the top can collaborate closely with the author to create courses. The eventual outcome being the realisation that the intention of the problem statement will be fulfilled, also ensuring the go-live happens faster than expected.


The rapidity with course creation translates to swiftness in learning for the learners without being overwhelmed and distracted. Rapid development can be used to quickly re-purpose existing materials, streamline information, and create meaningful remote training and communication in a few days or weeks. That’s the power of KREDO where we help you focus in determining the right digital delivery method for your business needs, for your learners’ and also help identify the specific actions your employees need to take in this learning journey.To know more about our services and how we can help you, contact us or write to me at