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Accelerate Learning on the go with Mobile-Friendly LMS KREDO

Accelerate Learning on the Go with Mobile-Friendly LMS KREDO


As per GSMA Intelligence, more than 69% of the world’s total population uses a mobile device.  

According to another report, about 61% of website traffic comes from mobile devices (as of February 2024). 

People use mobile phones for entertainment, shopping, banking, information searches, reading, webinars, etc. So why not for eLearning?  

A mobile-friendly LMS is built with a focus on eLearning for the current times. The salient aspect of eLearning is learning on the go — anywhere and anytime. So what if the learner has time to take the course but does not have a laptop, or desktop at hand? The learner can access the course from a mobile phone or tablet.  

A mobile-friendly LMS offers a seamless experience both in the mobile app and in the mobile browser. Learners can access the courses from multiple devices including mobile phones. The organizations can manage and schedule content, generate reports, and manage payments through the learning management system on a mobile phone. Let’s understand what makes KREDO a mobile-friendly LMS.  

Ease and flexibility are key aspects of an enriching learning experience through the mobile-friendly LMS  KREDO.  

Mobile-Friendly LMS KREDO 

Responsive Design 

KREDO LMS has an inbuilt authoring tool. During course creation, the author can view the screen in desktop, tablet, and mobile view — the responsive design.  

Its mobile app as well as the browser view in the mobile supports responsive eLearning design that adapts to the viewable area of a device in terms of sizing, layout, and interactions. Unlike adaptive design, responsive design reflows into any display based on the device’s screen size. This helps to provide optimal viewing and interactions across various devices and screen sizes.  

Mobile Webinars, Classrooms, and Discussions 

KREDO has wide integrations with video conferencing tools and external content providers.  

In the mobile phone, from a single point of the LMS, learners can attend webinars, and coaching sessions through Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams. 

It will resonate with the learner’s personal experience of using mobile phones for other activities such as entertainment, shopping, etc.  

Learning, tracking, discussions, and feedback can happen instantly by logging into KREDO through the mobile app and the browser.   

Stay logged in, and never miss a notification in the KREDO mobile app. 

It is not just the course, but also the dashboard,  user interface, and navigation, which are intuitive and seamless across all device displays.  

Resume Course from any Device 

Learners may access the eLearning courses from home, the office, the field, or while traveling. They may go through a few topics and pause. If they choose to continue the course on another device, they can resume from the point where they paused on another device. Yes, learners can resume a course from where they left off, regardless of their device.  

A mobile-first LMS supports: 

  • Learning on the go  
  • Learning in the moment of need 
  • Scaling of training programs  
  • Deepening employee engagement and motivation 


Traditional eLearning courses were built keeping in mind the desktop device. With the changing training landscape, that encompasses hybrid and remote workforces, mobile-friendly LMS is the only way out. It gives them the flexibility to continue learning at any touchpoint (device) they prefer.  

We at Tesseract Learning help your organization move with the times and stay ahead of the curve with our technological innovations. The mobile-friendly KREDO LMS has won accolades and awards in the past 3 years, including the coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold Award 2023 for excellence in “Best Advance in Learning Technology Implementation”. To explore the KREDO Learning management system, book a free demo or write to us at <>