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Training in the Sales Industry boosts the confidence and the win rates of the sales representatives and thereby the overall revenues of the company. Successful business is all about the selling of the products or services which in turn brings revenues greater than the costs involved. A great sales program requires an effective sales training to propel the growth of any organization. To etch a sales success, the sales reps need to pitch a solution for the customers’ needs. You can create value for customers with our performance support tool KREDO to author engaging courses for an amazing learning experience of the salesperson. Begin a Sales Readiness Group (SRG) to achieve optimum sales performance by building creative courses.

KREDO is the globally preferred learning platform for the ’Sales Industry’.

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Anyone in your company can author 5-10-minute bite-sized or longer eLearning modules on KREDO to charter an engaging training journey. Across the learning cycle of the organization, map the employee training needs with a blend of approaches such as games, videos, virtual technologies etc. Attain higher overall revenue plan attainment with courses created on KREDO. Use templates that help build content to establish credibility, make valid arguments in a sales pitch or discussion and knowing more about persuasion.

Scenario Based Immersive Learning

Conversion of uninterested or hostile prospects into a yes, is a daunting task and stressful. Scenario-based learning, role playing, storytelling etc., help you to learn the right attitude and skills to courageously approach a customer with the idea of solving their problem rather than mere meeting of sales’ targets. It helps to sharpen the acuity of sales reps to identify customer needs and align the solutions to the requirement. Use storytelling to make the conversation relatable with facts and metaphors.


Soft skills, ethics, communications, selling strategies, prospecting, approaching, etc. can be learnt effectively and in an engaging manner through gamification strategies. Learning through play, increases engagement and enthusiasm resulting in faster absorption of knowledge and performance improvement. Gamifying sales training program on KREDO boosts morale and confidence of the sales reps. They are enthused with a sense of ownership towards their role and opens doors for innovative ideas to bond with customers. Get adept with follow-ups and referrals through unique strategies.

Learning Path

A learning path with courses, documents, meetings, quizzes, and surveys can take the sting out of the performance pressure of the salesperson. It instills the right attitude, and the skill set to foster perseverance and a never-say-die attitude. Learning points and awards help you to monitor your performance while discussions enable you to learn from each other’s experiences. The learning path on KREDO enables both personalized and collaborative corporative training. It strengthens after sales service and enhance employee satisfaction. Work towards creating journeys for directly impact the effectiveness of your sales team, e.g., account and territory planning, sales process, solution messaging, opportunity execution, sales skills, sales management skills, and technology-enablement, among others.

Memory Boosters & Remediation

Practice can make a fortune for a salesperson. Memory boosters and the remediation feature can hone your skills related to selling such as soft skills, innovative approach, effective communications, selling strategies, closing deals, etc. Afterall, the most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. It takes time for new salespeople to become fully productive and therefore it is vital to have lower sales force turnover rates. Memory Boosters & Remediation help to keep the sales force turnover rates low. Customer-centric selling and double-digit sales is what you achieve in a short span of time.

KREDO learning platform Sales Training Platform Sales Industry

Sales training has come a long way from frontline sales managers reinforcing sales skills training to a digital eLearning experience through intriguing on-demand audio-visuals-based training modules. Sales training can boost revenues and productivity and programs that exceeded expectations reported increase in quota achievement by sales reps and higher win rates. Sales success is highly correlated by higher revenue plan attainment and lower sales force turnover rates. Experience has shown that sales training programs on KREDO has helped deliver beyond expectations.

In a nutshell, KREDO helps address the diversified needs in ‘Sales’ through various means.

 Your Industry-Relevant Requirement How KREDO Helps?
Do You Have a Driver Personality? Discussion Board, Feedback, Surveys
Content Creation – Communication & Problem-Solving Courses, Feedback, Meetings, Surveys
Set-up a Sales Academy Assessments, Courses, Learning Assets, Learning Journeys
Understand Audience Portfolios & Profiles Courses, Feedback, Learning Journeys
Making Choices, Observation Courses, Learning Journeys
Digital Sales Awareness Assignments, Courses, Learning Journeys
Effective Selling with Velocity Assignments, Courses, Feedback, Meetings, Surveys
Engagement, Stickiness, Trends Courses, Memory Boosters, Remediations

Sales is an outcome of doing several things right. It involves training in the creation of value for customers and making a pitch from the prospect’s point of view. Our microlearning solutions will add advantage to your sales’ training process where the salespersons do not close deals but celebrate the opening of a relationship. We help businesses win their future.

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