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Training in the Transportation Industry is trailing a blaze in every nook and corner of their challenges. Globalization has not only expanded the reach of products and people but has also multiplied their convergence points. This unique dynamism of movement of goods and beings require a high level of efficiency and specialization. When it comes to giving direction to your training goals, KREDO will give you the edge by accelerating the competency of your employees and is also your answer on how to tackle eCommerce disruptions like the ‘Amazon Effect’ efficiently.

KREDO is the globally preferred learning platform for the ’Transportation Industry’.

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Bite-Sized Training Modules

The long training itinerary pertaining to skills required for smooth transit of goods and people can be effectively condensed into bite-sized learning modules that anyone from your transportation company can author. You can skill, upskill or reskill in an engaging way through an array of templates such as images, text, games, video and so on. Scenario-based learning, LIVE role playing, and storytelling on KREDO can equip your staff to handle customers better. Vehicle operators become experts on customer relations, communication with the public and conflict resolution. For the administrative staff it could be diversity and sensitivity training.

Immersive Learning Experience

Frictionless transportation of goods and movement of people requires precision in planning and execution. Immersive virtual technologies have made inroads into the freight and logistics sector for training purposes. It provides positive learning outcomes across the transportation industry specially when your staff is on the move. Virtual reality is ideal for drivers’ training, vehicle maintenance, understanding of safety procedures and so on.

Road to Learning

Map learning milestones of your staff through courses, documents, meetings, quizzes, and surveys so that no one gets derailed from the training tracks. Learning points, awards, and discussions will keep them motivated on the endless learning journey. KREDO intelligently lays out the learning path which caters to the needs of both the individual and a group of learners, thereby paving the way for organizational success. Operation of new transportation and communication systems, basic to advanced skills to tackle maintenance issues, staff supervision, etc., all get tackled. Sustainable mobility is key and learning via KREDO helps this immensely.

Memory Boosters & Remediation

Learning journeys need to be interspersed with revisions, repeated perusal of knowledge and remediations to reach the training goals. Certain technologies like IoT helps the transportation industry with data to improve processes and provide better services and for this to happened there is a need for sustained education. Staying abreast with rapidly changing regulations, data interpretation and awareness of processes and customer requirements is crucial for transportation executives. The engaging courses on KERDO do not let you miss out on the learnings. Our memory boosters and remediation features will keep your training path well lit. KREDO is your answer to extracting data for analysis, building modules on forecasting and even transportation planning.


Gamification makes learning exciting, entertaining and deepens the retention factor. It obviates the chances of making mistakes with someone’s freight or traveling plans. Our gamification strategies in the learning modules can help to understand logistics planning; end to end movement of goods and lots more. The exiting content unleashes the power to provide creative solutions for enhancing customer satisfaction. Intricate technologies like Geolocation will become prominent in delivery and an innovative way to learn this would go a long way.

KREDO learning platform Transportation Industry

The transportation sector deals with how products shift locations and how people get one from point to another. Under its umbrella, the other industries that get covered include air freight; logistics; highways; marine ports and services; airlines; marine; road; and rail. It encompasses wide range of training needs that includes but is not limited to training of drivers and technicians; daily operations; freight management; safety procedures and logistics planning. Interesting, intriguing on-demand audio-visuals on the KREDO platform drives the passion for learning. KREDO helps promote information sharing about training opportunities through the creation of a centralized repository and calendar.

In a nutshell, KREDO helps address the diversified needs in ‘Transportation’ through various means.

 Your Industry-Relevant Requirement How KREDO Helps?
Conceptualize and Create Content on Transference Courses, Feedback, Meetings, Surveys
Awareness, Skilling, Upskilling, Reskilling Courses, Feedback, Meetings, Assignments
Managing Diverse Educational, Cultural Backgrounds Courses, Learning Journeys, Feedback
Networked Transport and Mobility Systems Courses, Learning Journeys, Meetings, Assessments
Governing Laws & Regulations, Safety Standards Learning Journeys, Surveys, Questionnaires
Training for an Agile and Resilient Workforce Courses, Learning Journeys, Surveys, Questionnaires
Learning Through On-the-Road Experiences Assignments, Feedback, Meetings, Surveys
Engagement, Stickiness, Trends Courses, Memory Boosters, Remediations

To make ordinary people perform extraordinarily well, KREDO addresses the challenge of transforming a monotonous knowledge delivery into an engaging learning experience which your employees have been waiting for. On the road to success, jump on the bandwagon of a reliable partner for a seamless ride on your training journey. Intelligent processes are being introduced today more than ever before. And training your workforce’s soft skills and updating their specialist knowledge is critical. Programs on customer support, delivery etiquette, location services, self-driving drones and more are the need of today and the future. Flag off an amazing learning expedition by creating dynamic courses on KREDO for the transportation industry.

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