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KREDO is designed to facilitate, promote, and sustain professional growth in individuals and teams by providing quality content, varying training strategies, including linear and unstructured assessment. These are designed to accommodate organizational requirements, identify skill gaps, build competencies, and complement existing training and development principles.

KREDO learning platform Induction and Onboarding

Induction and Onboarding

Provide easy-to-use, engaging microlearning programs and equip employees for success right from day one. As an innovative learning platform, we offer your new hires speed in their learning, customized learner experiences, and continuously equip them to drive optimum performance.

KREDO ensures that, you make new hires feel welcomed into the corporate fraternity, the new business and prepare them for their new jobs, faster, so that they successfully contribute to strategic outcomes, immediate and long-term goals.

Sales and Marketing

Empower your internal sales marketing and external teams to succeed in closing deals quicker and better than ever before. You can easily configure learning paths and deliver personalized learning content.

Strategic sales and marketing approaches can be taught and mastered, where teams can assess and identify the high-value projects, and provide focused attention.

KREDO helps deliver effective microlearning modules for your sales and marketing teams, right at the moment of need. KREDO also helps generate performance numbers and  critical insights to strengthen sales enablement.

KREDO learning platform Sales and Marketing
KREDO learning platform Customer Service

Customer Service

Equip your customer-facing personnel with just-in-time and bite-sized training at the time of need. We believe that companies who, as the first step, successfully implement a customer experience strategy, achieve higher customer satisfaction rates, higher customer service scores, reduced customer churn, increased revenues, and sustained profit.

KREDO aligns training programs in the customer service workflow to drive efficiencies, making optimum use of their work schedule. With easy authoring, intuitive learning paths, remediation, and memory boosters, you can drive continuous learning to ensure your customers get the best service.

Frontline Training

Provide your first line of defense with the best chance to develop and master their skills in your constantly changing industry dynamics, be it banking, finance, healthcare & pharma, insurance, manufacturing, retail, or supply chain. Work with your internal teams and 3ʳᵈ party vendors to develop a highly skilled and productive workforce in various verticals.

KREDO assists you in developing and delivering sustainable learning programs to match and support the expectations of your workforce by adapting to lifelong learning and detailed practices.

KREDO’s also helps to create short, crisp, and relevant microlearning modules, right when the frontline needs it. The generation of in-depth analytics and rich data strengthens your frontline teams.

KREDO learning platform Frontline Training
KREDO learning platform Healthcare and Pharma

Healthcare and Pharma

Provide your team with the best chance to develop and master their skills in the constantly changing healthcare and pharma industry. Owing to the ongoing radical changes, the role of every medical fraternity personnel is widening. Mastering complex concepts that always keep changing is the need of the hour, whether training on Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and more.

KREDO is your answer, and our platform helps represent and drive various scenarios and case-studies related to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. These in turn help elevate all your staff members to a new level of service.

Compliance and Safety

Continuous reinforcements at regular intervals about regulations, policies, and norms, ensures employees remember what they have learnt, to avoid making mistakes that puts an organization at risk. Governance is always a sensitive topic, so we help you keep your courses simple, relevant, and realistic.

Today, regulators are making increasing demands by adding more to the already existing list of mandatory training topics, and our platform is ready to cater to the increased demand and be deployed for you.

KREDO equips your employees to make the right decisions on the job, by delivering engaging and intuitive training programs. We keep in mind the audience, timing, and access, as they are key identifiers in the world of compliance.

KREDO learning platform Compliance and Safety