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Drive high performance and ready your organization for what’s next. With KREDO, your learners can upskill and adapt to change quickly and solve business challenges.

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KREDO is an empowering learning platform. A few of the many powerful capabilities are outlined below.

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kredolearning platform - Drive Continuous Learning

Drive Continuous Learning

Learners either ignore or forget the large amount of data they are presented with.

KREDO helps you address the forgetting curve!

Design your training programs to deliver continuous learning by reinforcing information in smaller bites. This helps learners recall the training, apply it on the job and ensure successful training programs.

Microlearning approaches work well in driving continuous learning. Microlearning can be delivered before and after the training, built quickly, sustained for a specific period and accessible on any device.

Learning in the Flow of Work

Deliver training programs by assisting learners to access or receive the required learning quickly and easily during work. This drives productivity, increases engagement, and improves knowledge retention.

New learning that is easily accessible, impactful and part of daily work is always enjoyed by learners.

KREDO helps deliver structured and curated courses or learning assets on-demand, using learning paths, easily accessible on any device.

KREDO learning platform - Learning in the Flow of Work
KREDO learning platform-Aligns to Your Business

Aligns to Your Business

KREDO is a cloud-based learning platform that inspires learning and drives business efficiency.

This future-ready platform is engineered for enterprises and built to scale as your organization grows.

By delivering engaging learning experiences, KREDO, drives better content retention, and promotes training programs.

Whether you are training your employees, partners, or customers, the KREDO learning platform will power your success.

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