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Training in the Healthcare Industry today has an added significance like never before in the history of mankind. Both as a direct impact or otherwise, being skilled in every relevant facet in the health domain for a healthcare worker is pivotal as it plays a central role in the lives and wellbeing of people around the world.  When it comes to creating impactful training programs to cater to the healthcare workforce for treating people, preventing illness, and providing rehabilitative medicine and palliative care, KREDO is the one shop stop for you. Even CXO’s today need to be on their toes. There is medical information explosion and let’s face it, the likelihood of errors creeping in also increase. Moreover, information about the body, health, and healthcare is growing exponentially and at a very rapid rate.

KREDO is the globally preferred learning platform for the ’Healthcare Industry’.

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Game templates can make a medical topic interesting and faster to grasp. Explore various gamification templates to utilize to better understand any medical concept ranging from diagnostics, standard procedures, pain management to patient care and anything in between with ease. Be innovative and include gamification to test core competencies published and put forth by professional boards and accrediting organizations.

Immersive Learning

Immersive virtual technology is a gamechanger in the field of education. Learn and practice complex medical topics through virtual learning experiences. Scenario-based learning, evidence-based learning, conversations and dialogue, and concepts around storytelling help the healthcare frontline to deal with patients and people in their own lives who need support, efficiently and effectively. Other formats, including interactive video, and in-depth video courses also add value.

Learning Lifeline

Learning is a continuous journey. An agile training program should be self-paced so that it seamlessly fits in the tight work schedule of the health workers. Courses, resources, meetings, and feedback form a lifeline of any training regime. Learning points, awards, and discussions gives a positive response. Microlearning, eLearning and eBooks. KREDO helps implement a business strategy, if required tactile in nature, that maximizes the synergies between life-long learning and healthcare workforce productivity.

Memory Boosters & Remediation

Revisiting knowledge, especially on new medicine, its impact, effects, and outcome help to absorb it thoroughly. The courses can serve as memory boosters and be revised several times.  Quizzes, self-evaluation questions etc., help to monitor your learning pulse. It is fine if you do not get the answers to the self-evaluation questions in the first instance. Remediation makes sure that there are no hurdles in your learning track. This helps learners better comprehend, remember, and apply what they’ve learned.


Training Beats

Encapsulate and segregate the extensive knowledge in the world of health and wellbeing through short courses that you can curate through an assortment of templates such as images, text, games, video and so on. If you offer online health services, you can make micro and even nano-sized modules to help your patients to use online platform. Combine job-specific training with the soft skills that allow employees to bring more personable care to patients

KREDO learning platform Healthcare Industry

Health industry training includes a whole gamut of skills related to pre- and post-operative care, nursing and care of patients, COVID-19 management, pain management, emergency room, rapid response, use of equipment, health assessment and monitoring, medical waste management, infection control, diagnostics, online consultation to name just a few. KREDO helps understand the social context of healthcare. Support the perseverance, attitude of self-sacrifice, love and care of the healthcare workers by enabling them, assessing their needs and preferences with a robust learning platform using which anyone from your organization can author some amazing medical content.

Most of the healthcare companies, big or otherwise, have moved from the traditional training methodologies to creating tailor-made training content. An exclusive and hyper-personalized content is the need of the hour. When we talk of healthcare training it is not what the professionals need to learn, it also means learning capsules for the people undergoing the treatment or even recovering. They too need to be taken through the right knowledge channels.

 Your Industry-Relevant Requirement How KREDO Helps?
Identifying Healthcare Learning Challenges? Feedback, Surveys
Explaining the Relevance of New Medicine Courses, Feedback, Surveys, Learning Journeys
Technology and Medicine Coming Together Courses, Feedback, Surveys, Learning Journeys
Diversification of Medical Skills Courses, Learning Journeys
Mental Well-Being and Medical Profession Courses, Feedback, Learning Journeys
Medical Processes, Treatment, Regulations Assessments, Courses, Learning Journeys,
Content and Innovation Assignments, Courses
Engagement, Stickiness, Trends Courses, Memory Boosters, Remediations

This is just a tip of the iceberg. Let’s connect and change the future of your organization, where setting a benchmark isn’t the norm but elevating the benchmark becomes a habit.

With KREDO, we’ll facilitate, and you’ll drive the conversion of F2F training into interesting, intriguing on-demand audio-visuals illustrating the use of your services, capabilities, technology, products, and getting to a point of simulating a real-life classroom and still request for content, on-demand. The healthcare sector will always have a vital role to play in the sustenance of life. KREDO embraces diversity so you build what you need, when you need with the care and sensitivity aspect being accounted for. Like for roles in ‘Medicine’ like Doctors, Nurses, etc.; roles in the ‘Allied’ space like Dietician, Paramedics, Therapists, etc.; roles in ‘Research’ like Biomedical Specialist, Microbiologist, etc.; roles in ‘Medical Technology’ like Biomedical Engineer, Clinical Technology Specialist, Lab Technicians, etc., are a few of the many examples

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