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Training in the IT Industry is vast and cuts across industries. It’s everywhere and as long as technology exists IT training will be integral to an organization’s culture. It includes a lot of technical information, also involving multiple aspects related to internal processes and tools that a business relies on to function effectively. KREDO will drive the ambition to build a resilient and change-ready organization for your enterprise. IT Training is all about education that targets and transforms the IT Industry. KREDO as a learning platform aids in creating training programs across various aspects like design and development, implementation strategies and methodologies, technical support based on service levels, maintenance tasks and overall management. With KREDO you build a world for the world.

KREDO is the globally preferred learning platform for the ‘IT Industry’.

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Gamification helps to create exciting, informative, and entertaining content that keeps learners motivated, especially when it comes to dealing with enterprise applications. Make it easy to recall to memory using the gamification strategies to teach any ‘Information Technology’ concepts such as how networks are set up, database management or even AI.

Remediation and Memory Boosters

Strategic and continual training is one of the antidotes, and remediation is one such capability. You can also build self-paced courses that serve as memory boosters especially in critical areas like analytics and data management that need consistent reinforcements. They help to reduce the training cost and time. The employees can revisit the course after a particular duration to refresh their memory and not be dependent on real-time availability of an SME or an expert. The learning modules have an after-course knowledge check. If the learner gives a wrong answer, the learner can peruse the content in the remediation tab to check his knowledge again and master the skill, thereby reducing the knowledge gap. A complete handholding till the training goal is reached.

Training Bites

The smallest unit of information technology is always binary. And small has a significant impact. And as we all know, ‘Less is More’. Curate bite-sized courses that are interactive and adapt to any device. The microlearning modules are potent to cater to any IT sector’s skilling, reskilling, and upskilling needs.  Especially true when it comes to application development and even cloud computing.

Unique Resource Locator of Learning

To propel your organization as technology leaders, define a multitude of learning paths that involve courses, resources, meetings, and feedback. Keep them motivated with the learning points, awards, and discussions. KREDO facilitates continuous learning journeys, making it possible for the employees to learn anytime and anywhere across engineering, networking, cloud computing and more.

Versatile Learning

You can create engaging courses, for example, about how to build and maintain infrastructure, which are effortless to learn through an array of content and concept templates. We have a unique blend of video, audio, images to express the ideas smartly, moving to immersive ‘Virtual Learning’ experiences with games, scenario-based learning, virtual tours and so on.

In a nutshell, KREDO helps address a gamete of needs in the ‘World of IT’ through various means.

 Your Industry-Relevant Requirement How KREDO Helps?
Technical Training Needs Analysis Feedback, Surveys
Finding a Reliable Technical Trainer Assessments, Questionnaires
Technical Profile Who Creates the Content Courses, Feedback, Meetings, Surveys
Standardize Technical Training Courses, Learning Journeys
Inculcate Cultural Diversity Courses, Feedback, Learning Journeys
Include Different Generations Learning Journeys, Surveys, Questionnaires
Technical Training Curriculum Assignments, Feedback, Meetings, Surveys
Engagement, Stickiness, Trends Courses, Memory Boosters, Remediations

This is just a tip of the iceberg. Let’s connect and change the future of your organization, where setting a benchmark isn’t the norm but elevating the benchmark becomes a habit.

The IT fraternity are suffering from gaps in critical skills areas like the world of security, coding, and DevOps. Even when offered professional development opportunities, they are struggling to keep up. The rate of technological change is outpacing training which is why KREDO is the platform that will supersede your expectations. Information technology is ubiquitous with connectivity, Internet of things, ecommerce, software, games, robots, drones, etc. Its bandwidth includes IT infrastructure; enterprise business applications; desktop applications, cyber security, programming; data analytics, database management, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to name a few. The skill sets and training requirements of the IT industry are innumerable. An agile learning platform like KREDO with multifarious templates will provide an indisputable learning experience for all of them.

Access KREDO on Any Device, Anywhere, Anyplace, Anytime! Looking forward to this journey with you.

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