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Engaged Teams, Inspired Futures: Elevating Employee Engagement with Top LMS Features

Intro Summary:

A research paper published in 2022 in The Journal of Social Media for Learning emphasized that LMS tools are important scaffolds for collaborative and interactive learning. What are those features that can contribute to enhanced learner engagement? With so many learning platforms around, which ones have diverse capabilities built in? In this article, you will learn how to improve employee engagement with the KREDO learning management system (LMS).


Before we begin, let’s go through a scenario.

A company has a set of certificate courses that they schedule for their employees. However, their processes are all scattered. The emails, assessments, and webinars were being conducted separately, lacking cohesion and structure. While employees attend the courses, their motivation and enthusiasm about the eLearning program are average. The company seeks a way to boost employee engagement with the training program and consolidate the training process onto one learning platform.  

Is there a solution for such situations? The KREDO learning management system offers innovative solutions for an enhanced learner experience. It is one of the very few learning management systems that has extensive integrations and built-in capabilities. Moreover, it is also available in an app form.

Empower your learners with KREDO LMS, where engagement and innovation converge.

Tip of the Iceberg

We strive to capture a few of the top features of the KREDO LMS to amplify learner engagement.

It has an in-built authoring tool that helps unleash creative learning. In addition to analytic reports, the KREDO learning platform has a simple yet powerful administration.

In addition to creating users and user groups, you will be able to create and/or upload courses (SCORM files), add learning paths, organize classrooms and meetings, translate KREDO courses, and much more. Here is a bird’s-eye view of each of them.

Inbuilt Authoring Tool

Courses can be built with 70+ templates to cover a wide range of learning styles, as in the VARK model. Audio can be added to these courses. There is a healthy balance of static and interactive templates.

Gamified question templates can be created for formative and summative assessments. Each content template has remediations.

KREDO eLearning courses are Simple to Create, Smart to Express, and Effortless to Learn.

Learning Pathways

Chart a success story for your employees by defining a customized learning pathway for them, which can have one or more of the following: virtual meetings, classrooms, surveys, catalogs, resources, assignments, and external content. Yes, all of this is on one single learning platform. You need not do these processes separately in a cumbersome manner.

This learning pathway can last until the employee’s duration in the company because learning never stops.


KREDO LMS Classroom is a comprehensive solution for managing both online and offline instructor-led participation. In this era of the hybrid workplace, KREDO LMS Classroom combines the advantages of self-paced eLearning and virtual instructor-led training (VILT). From scheduling and streaming sessions to tracking attendance, sharing resources, and conducting assessments, the KREDO eLearning platform makes it all possible.

Video Integrations

A learning management system with video conferencing integration facilitates real-time interactions to help the learner move to the zone of achieved development. It scaffolds self-paced eLearning courses with guidance from an instructor, SME, or any other expert.


Organizations can leave global footprints only by trailing the local avenues. From any one point of the globe to another, there will be customers and employees who speak diverse languages. KREDO courses can be translated into a wide range of languages to spread the light of knowledge to a wider set of learners.

That’s Not All

Wide integrations with numerous content aggregators, business intelligence tools, HRM systems, meeting platforms, and email clients add to learner engagement.

Some of the course presets include badges and certificates, text-to-speech, a progress bar, question lock capability, theme selection, etc.

KREDO helps to generate the right reports, enabling learning heads to anticipate various learning challenges and provide proactive, timely support.

The award-winning features go on…


The extensive integrations and inbuilt capabilities lead to active learner engagement.

We train our clients on the features and functionality of the KREDO learning platform in 2–3 business days. This includes detailed coverage of the responsibilities of an admin, author, manager, and learner.

The KREDO Learning Platform is redefining the trajectory of technological evolution in the learning industry. It has won accolades and awards in the past 3 years, including the coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold Award 2023 for excellence in “Best Advance in Learning Technology Implementation”. As we said, this is just the tip of the iceberg. To explore the KREDO Learning management system, book a free demo or write to, and we will take it from there.