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Steering the Auto Industry Through the Growth Highway with the Power of KREDO LMS

Steering the Auto Industry Through the Growth Highway with the Power of KREDO LMS


When it comes to training and development, every industry faces challenges, and the auto industry has its share of potholes. Let’s understand the unique challenges and contours of the auto industry and review how KREDO LMS can help circumvent these bends in the Learning and Development (L&D) journey.

Concern: The vast number of trainees is spread across wide geographical locations. Classroom training sessions in all locations in offices and on factory floors for thousands of workers can be time-consuming and costly.

Solution: A fast learning management system provides scalability. KREDO LMS allows the auto company to create thousands of users and segregate them into different user groups. These user groups can be based on department, task, location, training cycle, and so on. Employees across the globe can access the eLearning courses at their convenience. The biggest advantage to the organization is that they can manage course scheduling and track learner behavior in relation to the courses.

Concern: The L&D goals need to cover diverse skill sets. On one side of the spectrum, there is technical training for both products and processes. On the other end, there are soft skills such as personal and business development. There cannot be one size that fits all. How do we cater to such diversity in the moment of need? 

Solution: A diverse skillset means multiple learning objectives. Evolving technology requires varied skill sets. Therefore, there is a need for customized and bespoke eLearning courses.

KREDO LMS has an inbuilt authoring tool that has ready-to-use engaging content and assessment templates. This helps create eLearning courses quicker, so that they are available to employees, ancillaries, suppliers, etc. on the go.

However, you can provide soft skills training through off-the-shelf eLearning courses. KREDO integrates content from several content libraries from which you can curate your set of courses for different topics such as communication, leadership, time management, negotiation, and more.

Concern: Employees with diverse demographics communicate in different languages.

Solution: eLearning courses in KREDO LMS can be created in any language and translated into any other languages. There are options for both auto-translation and request for translation. The request for translation can be sent to the translator, who will then enter the relevant translated information. Once the course is translated, it can be sent for review. This LMS supports localization and scalability.

Concern: The auto industry is highly competitive and has a high attrition rate.

Solution: Continuous learning can be the spoke in the attrition wheel. A culture of learning that empowers your employees is critical for increasing their retention and creating a talent pool.

KREDO learning pathways are unique to each employee and map their continuous learning journeys. Courses can be scheduled at different intervals. Any updates in the International Automotive Task Force (IATF), ISO Standards, and other safety requirements can be presented in short, bite-sized courses and added to the learning pathways as and when you want. All the users (learners) who have been allotted those eLearning courses get notifications both via email and KREDO.

Concern: Access to diagrams and illustrations, 3D animations, and expert guidance may seem difficult to manage.

Solution: It is not just eLearning courses, but resources, webinars, classrooms, surveys, etc. can also be included in the learning pathways.

Configure a diverse range of learning assets, such as classrooms, videos, and interactive sessions, which cater to various learning modalities.

Auto-related designs and recorded auto service and repair videos can be part of the learning pathways.

You can integrate web conferencing tools with KREDO to make virtual instructor-led training (VILT) possible. This complements self-paced eLearning. Wondering how to manage them? You can manage online and offline coaching sessions with KREDO Classroom feature.


There is more to KREDO, and we are keen to discuss them with you. KREDO LMS is an overpass to various learning barriers in the auto industry. Wide integrations and inbuilt capacities let KREDO accelerate your learning outcomes.

The KREDO LMS is rebuilding the lanes of technological evolution in the training industry. It has won accolades and awards in the past two years, including the coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold Award 2023 for excellence in “Best Advance in Learning Technology Implementation”. To explore the KREDO Learning Management System, contact us or write to <>