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Transform Remote Training with KREDO

Transform Your Remote Training with KREDO: The Ultimate Learning and Development Platform


Post-pandemic, remote working has been accepted in the corporate world to various degrees. According to WFHResearch report, 12.7% of full-time employees work from home, while 28.2% work in a hybrid model, as of 2023. An Upwork report estimates that 32.6 million Americans will work remotely by 2025.

Therefore, corporate training must also aim for the cloud to empower remote employees. Well, not just metaphorically, but literally too, remote training must take the online trajectory to meet the learning goals. A dynamic learning and development (L&D) platform becomes vital for scaffolding remote training.

Learning and Development Platform for Remote Workforce

A transformative eLearning platform stitches all the processes required for creating an unparalleled learning experience for remote employees.

Its role is not limited to the creation and management of users, and user groups, the scheduling of content delivery, and monitoring learning behavior. An efficient eLearning platform drives engagement, a critical factor for increasing the learning quotient amongst remote workforces.

In addition to simple administration, KREDO learning platform has an inbuilt authoring tool, Classrooms feature, and various integrations for collaborative learning and learning paths for continuous learning of the workforce spread across various geographies.

Let’s see how the KREDO learning and development platform can redefine the training of remote employees.

User and User Groups for All

To begin with, entire staff can be added as users to KREDO, irrespective of which location they are based out of. They can be clustered into different user groups based on their verticals, departments, professions, seniority levels, and any other differentiators.

Scenario: A global food and beverage company with operations in nutrition, and wellness products can create user groups as per verticals, products, and departments to assign specific courses to that group and schedule a series of eLearning courses for each learner (2+ lakhs).

Learning Pathways

KREDO administrator or training manager can add customized learning pathways for each user and user group across the globe. Courses, webinars, resources, and surveys can be added in different combinations to the various learning pathways. These learning pathways can last the entire life cycle of the employees. It is endless for user groups, where different employees can be added or removed at any time.

Scenario: A maritime company providing port services, ship services, and management may create several learning pathways for each of its services. It can add leadership webinars for the crew management team and simultaneously add risk management memory boosters for the risk management middle-level officers. The company has a presence in several ports around the world.

Did you know?
Every engagement with learning assets gets the learner some points. The greater the number of points, the higher the ranking on the leader board.

eLearning Courses for the Moment of Need

It is simple to add the SCORM files of online courses to the KREDO learning and development platform. Alternatively, courses and gamified assessments can be created rapidly with the inbuilt authoring tool, which has a palette of 60+ ready-to-use templates.
Additionally, learners can enhance their knowledge through LEAP, or the Learning Essentials Achievement Program. It is a set of paid online courses, certifications, and specialization tracks that have been identified from Edx, Udemy, Coursera, and many other global content and verification providers.

Supporting reference material can be placed in Resources, MOOC Content, or External Content.

Scenario: A manufacturing company can add their previous eLearning courses to KREDO and continue to create more courses using KREDO’s authoring tool. Their learners can access paid courses from other content providers and get certification of course completion.

KREDO learning platform offers a unique blend of self-paced and collaborative learning.

Collaborative Learning

While each remote employee can access both the assigned and open courses at their convenience, they can also learn collaboratively. Collaborative learning is vital for creating a bond amongst remote employees and for deepening engagement. Let’s look at some of the features that drive engagement.


The administrator of the learning and development platform, or the training manager, can manage online and offline coaching sessions.


Meetings, discussions, and training can be held on Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet on the KREDO eLearning platform itself.

Discussion Forums

Ask your queries, seek clarifications, suggest, or place your request for any eLearning course or asset through discussion forums on KREDO.

Scenario: A food delivery company that is also engaged in grocery and courier delivery has lakhs of delivery partners. How can it manage uniform service standards and engagement across such a massive workforce? It can create weekly, monthly, etc. webinars for training and communication. The delivery partners can discuss their concerns and learn from each other’s experiences on discussion forums.

Did you know?
Any team member can share their knowledge learned on the job by raising the request for being a trainer.


eLearning courses built in KREDO can be created in any base language and translated into multiple languages swiftly in which the remote staff communicates both internally and externally.

Scenario: A global automotive company has factories in more than one continent, and the shop floor staff speak different languages.

The company translated all the SOPs into several languages so that it could maintain uniform quality standards across the organization. It included SOPs like assembly line setup and configuration, engine assembly and testing, material procurement, safety, welding, and metal fabrication, to name a few.


KREDO is the ultimate learning and development platform for organizations ranging from small companies to big enterprises across all industries and domains.

We train our clients on the features and functionality of the KREDO eLearning platform. This includes detailed coverage of the responsibilities of an admin, author, manager, and learner.

KREDO has also been recognized as ‘Easiest To Do Business With’ and ‘Fastest Implementation’ in the recent G2 spring reports 2024.

KREDO has won accolades and awards in the past 3 years, including the coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold Award 2023 for excellence in “Best Advance in Learning Technology Implementation.” To explore the KREDO Learning management system, book a free demo or write to us at <>