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Empowering Your Workforce The Impact of LXP in Corporate Training

Empowering Your Workforce: The Impact of LXP in Corporate Training


In this fast-changing world, the shelf life of a skill has shortened drastically compared to what it was a few years back. Even after considerable efforts to train the team, the skills gap refuses to shrink. It is not just about more training. The solution lies in adopting skill-based strategies and continuous training. An effective learning experience platform becomes vital for tailoring this solution and empowering employees for the future.

So, what are the key differences between a Learning Management System (LMS) and an LXP?

A learner experience platform facilitates personalized learning experiences. It makes the learning more collaborative and customized as compared to the LMS. In an LXP, the learners have more involvement in defining their learning experience. It is more of a collective effort, rather than a top-down approach. Let’s explore some of the benefits of a learning experience platform.

Benefits of Learner Experience Platform

Learners Engagement

The learning experience is not limited to the courses assigned to the learners by the administrator. The learner can choose to peruse content from a library of resources, videos, recommended courses, catalog courses, and so on. Learners can explore the platform to find the learning content they need.

KREDO: In addition to the assigned courses and assigned learning paths, KREDO LXP offers open courses and open learning paths that the learners can self-assign.

Additionally, learners get access to Content Hub comprising LEAP, External Content, and MOOC Content.

LEAP or Learning Essentials Achievement Program, is a set of paid courses, certifications, and specialization tracks that have been identified from Edx, Udemy, Coursera, and many other global content and verification providers.

External Content allows the learners to view a list of links to both articles and videos. These are added by an LMS administrator or manager.

MOOC Content is a library of free content.

Moreover, learners can suggest or request content through discussion forums and webinars; these are built into this learning experience platform.

Collaborative Learning

An efficient LXP helps the organizations adopt the 70:20:10 approach.

70%:Learning in the flow of work

20%:Social learning

10%:Formal learning

While 10% could constitute the assigned courses and resources, the next 20% is about collaborative learning. Webinars and discussion forums promote collaborative learning.

KREDO: It has an inbuilt discussion forum and integrations with online video conferencing tools to provide an enriched learning experience.

Additionally, learners can raise the request to become trainers. While learning on the job (70% portion), employees can share their experience and knowledge with their colleagues. This enhances the efficiency of the training programs and productivity of the organization.

A successful training model requires managers or team leaders to become coaches and not just task managers. KREDO Classrooms help organizations manage online and offline coaching sessions throughout the employee’s life cycle.

Personalized Learning Experience

A learning experience platform allows learners to choose their content. It also makes personalized recommendations.

KREDO: Learners can use the search feature to find the content they want. It could be courses, resources, learning paths, or any other learning asset.

Additionally, KREDO has an extensive list of skill sets. When the learner chooses a particular skill, the recommended courses for that skill appear on the dashboard.

Skill-based training strategy is the only way to increase the ROI of training programs. Organizations need to build skill sets to grow and sustain their market share.

In a nutshell, a learning experience platform helps to:

•              Provide continuous training.

•              Accelerate the skill training.

•              Increase employee engagement.

•              Enhance productivity and companies’ bottom line.

•              Solidify the bonding between the colleagues.


It is ‘Advantage You’ with the LXP stroke. A learning experience platform sets the foundation for a participatory model where the learner’s involvement is integral to reaching the desired learning outcomes. In addition to the assigned courses and resources, the learner can gain knowledge from a wide array of learning assets and peers collaboratively. This makes an LXP a personalized learning environment where each learn depending on their diverse skill sets.  This helps to narrow the organization’s skill gap and make them future-ready. 

KREDO, one of the best LXP platforms, has won accolades and awards in the past 3 years, including the coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold Award 2023 for excellence in “Best Advance in Learning Technology Implementation”. To explore the KREDO Learning management system, book a free demo or write to us at <>