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KREDO Classroom: Scaffolding Learning – Part 1

Introduction Summary

Learning management systems serve as invaluable tools for scaffolding learning in both corporate and educational sphere. In this article, we will turn the spotlight on one of the features of KREDO Learning Platform, which is Classroom. This platform seamlessly integrates virtual instructional-led training (both online and offline), meeting platforms, pre-and post-assessments, surveys, and more. Part one of this exploration is presented here, with a follow-up article to come.


In 2022, Alice Macharia Njuguna and Gikandi Joyce, published a research paper titled “Using Learning Management Systems to Scaffold Collaborative and Interactive Teaching and Learning” in The Journal of Social Media for Learning.

The study highlights the significance of LMS tools as crucial scaffolds for collaborative and interactive learning. When used correctly , they can improve learning outcomes in both synchronous and asynchronous situations

The faculty must be assisted in selecting the right tools and ensuring that the right training will be provided. The faculty could be an SME, a peer, a team leader, or  anyone else.

Instructional scaffolding is a method that allows students to learn with the help of a more informed individual. Soviet psychologist Lev Vygotsky developed the concept known as the zone of proximal development. In this zone, the learner does not have a certain set of skills but can learn them with help and guidance.

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” – Henry Adams

KREDO Classroom

So, what is it? KREDO LMS Classroom helps you manage online and offline instructor-led participation to help the learner move from the zone of proximal development to the zone of achieved development.

Let’s look at a scenario.

Anna organized a series of training sessions on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity (DEI) for all middle-level employees across 5 countries. She has zeroed in on 4 trainers for the first month. Here are some steps she followed in the process.

She schedules a live stream from one of the meeting platforms for each of them.

Then she creates a sheet to manually mark the attendance.

Each time, she creates different groups to share the meeting link.

The emails will be resent with resources and assessments.

She plans to send the survey forms too.

Well! This is a long, arduous path. The tasks are being managed separately on different platforms.

What if there was a way to streamline all these tasks within  one learning platform?

In Classroom, you can:

  • Create a series of training courses with multiple trainers, during a certain time frame.
  • Opt for both online and offline mediums of instruction.
  • Include sessions with the same or a different trainers within the designated time frame.
  • Create, modify, and save users and user groups globally for future reference.
  • Share various resources including documents, PDFs, audio, or videos.

Within KREDO learning management system:

  • Assessments can be created with interactive quiz templates.
  • Users and user groups can be created and saved.
  • Integration has been done with 3 meeting platforms: Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet.

While using Classroom, all of these functionalities are consolidated in one place, fostering an unparalleled learning experience. Employees, customers, and distribution channels can all connect from around the world to learn in collaboration.

What’s more? Classrooms can be added as milestones in the learning path, just like courses, resources, memory boosters, and meetings.

“The future of the world is in my classroom today.” ~ Ivan Welton Fitzwater

So how can Anna easily manage instructor-led sessions through the Classroom of KREDO learning management system? The process unfolds in the next article. Stay tuned.


KREDO LMS is a rapid-learning management system that helps you manage your instructor-led training from one window. This is made possible because of its extensive integrations and inbuilt capabilities.

You can create and manage content assessments with its inbuilt authoring tool, which comprises a repository of 70+ templates for interactivity, gamified elements, assessments, etc.

You can create and manage users, user groups, and live-stream sessions.

With Classroom, you can do all of it together. KREDO Learning Platform is redefining the trajectory of technological evolution in the learning industry. It has won accolades and awards in the past 3 years, including the coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold Award 2023 for excellence in “Best Advance in Learning Technology Implementation”. To explore the KREDO Learning management system, book a free demo or write to, and we will take it from there.