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A Learning Management System that Empowers through Creative Authoring

Intro Summary

Are you looking for a learning management system and/or an authoring tool? What if you get both in one? Yes, KREDO is a convergence of both an LMS and an authoring tool. In this article, we explore how the LMS KREDO can empower you to author your own courses.


A learning management system (LMS) is the chassis for efficient delivery of digital courses. It basically helps in managing course scheduling and the learner analytics vis a vis the courses. Along with providing a simple user interface, an LMS helps to manage users, and integrate with content aggregators and external systems like meeting platforms, Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) and more.

But what if an LMS allows you to author your own courses without the need for coding? Yes, KREDO is a learning management system which is also an authoring tool. Moreover, anyone from the organization can build courses keeping in mind the various teaching and the learning theories. Let’s look at how one can create engaging courses on KREDO learning platform.

Templates Hunt

A repository of 50+ templates helps one to express the content in various ways in order to cover all the four main types of learners based on their learning styles: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic – the VARK model. There is an option to add audio script too.

There are static content templates (bullet, image with text, history etc.) that give structure to the whole course. These can be interspersed with the interactive templates (accordion, hotspots, carousels, flip cards and more) that one can play around to deeply engage the learners.

Create formative and summative assessment with question-based templates to gauge learner’s understanding of the knowledge. These templates can also be used to gain learner’s attention and stimulate recall of prior knowledge as laid out in Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction. The brain activity oscillates between high to low frequency. A wise use of these templates helps to create short modules punctuated by interactivity and assessment to prevent learner’s attention from going astray.

Configurable settings, color schemes, easy to use image editor help to create industry specific content using diverse strategies.

“Design is intelligence made visible”, said Alina Wheeler.

Design and color scheme is vital for an effective user interface. There are a set of color themes to choose from. However, one can also create one’s own combination of colors for the course.

Continuous Learning

The process of learning is a flowing river, and having a learning path is ideal for a continuous learning journey.

Create learning paths and add courses to it by a simple drag and drop feature. These courses can be scheduled on different days across the learning path. Add resources, webinars, meetings to the path for an amazing learning experience.

Memory Boosters

Recall, repeat and reinforce! One of the salient aspects of any learning journey is to keep revisiting the knowledge to deepen the understanding and thereby its reinforcement. Memory boosters are courses that explain the salient aspects of the course to help memorize what has been already taught.


The only way to fail is to give up. KREDO’s remediation feature will not let you give up. Relearn the concept, repeat till you master it. The number of remediation attempts can be pre-set.


Globalization, remote working, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives has seen the confluence of employees with varied language, working for an organization.

Providing training in the language through which they communicate with the customers is of paramount importance.

KREDO allows one to translate courses in multiple languages to help widen the reach of the course to employees across geographical boundaries. The administrators can enable the Language Selector option in settings to let learners choose the preferred language for the course.

Knowledge Check & Assessments

Eliciting performance and assessing performance as stated in Gagne’s theory is vital to the learning process. Knowledge checks and assessment are a few ways to gauze the learning outcomes. The outcomes include the recall and understanding of the concept as well as its application to real situation.

Realistic scenarios and case studies can be incorporated in the assessment templates to help learners build decision and task based competence – Tier 5 and Tier 6 of the Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model (LTEM).

Get the benefits of both the LMS and the authoring tool in KREDO. These were a few features that empower one to author courses on an LMS.


A dynamic, empowering, competent, and effective learning platform is critical for achieving a company’s training goals. Enrich your corporate training strategy using the learning platform KREDO. Build a culture of learning by creating dynamic courses for an unparalleled learning experience with KREDO – Simple to Create, Smart to Express, Effortless to Learn.

It is a confluence of technology and communication, creativity and simplicity, purpose and fun, individual empowerment, and corporate excellence.

Reinforce knowledge or add more information for any skill set across various industries through KREDO. Anyone can do it.

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