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The Power of eLearning Templates Streamlining Course Creation

The Power of eLearning Templates: Streamlining Course Creation

Introduction Summary

Meeting the escalating demand for online learning and training poses a challenge for L&D professionals striving to create eLearning courses faster. Fortunately, the solution lies in leveraging elearning templates, enabling development of eLearning courses through templates within minutes or hours. With optimal use of eLearning templates, one can significantly reduce the time to create the courses and reduce costs as well.


In the ever-evolving landscape of learning and development (L&D), the importance of eLearning has surged, especially in recent years. With the rapid advancement of technology, the advent of rapid authoring tools, and the increasing demand for flexible learning solutions, creating effective and engaging eLearning courses has emerged as both a priority and a challenge for L&D professionals and organizations. eLearning templates have become a powerful tools that can significantly streamline the course creation process. In this blog, we will explore the undeniable power of eLearning templates and how they can simplify and enhance your course development process.

What are eLearning Templates?

eLearning templates are pre-designed slides, formats, structures, or layouts that provide a framework for creating online courses. Available in diverse formats and styles, these templates serve as foundational elements, either as simple slide templates for presentation or as comprehensive eLearning courses/modules with interactive elements, quiz questions, and multimedia content. Most of these templates are customizable, thereby allowing L&D professionals to add their own content while maintaining the consistent and professional design.

The Power of eLearning Templates

eLearning templates offer many compelling benefits in streamlining the course creation process:.

  • eLearning templates provide a ready-made foundation that can be customized to meet specific learning objectives. This allows for rapid development of courses, making it possible to roll out new training programs or educational modules much faster.
  • Maintaining a consistent look and feel across all courses is crucial for branding and learner engagement.
  • These templates enable L&D professionals to establish and ensure that every course they create aligns with the branding and style guidelines of the organization.
  • Consistency in course design enhances the user experience, also builds trust and familiarity with learners.
  • Using templates can be cost-effective, especially for organizations or businesses with limited budgets.
  • These templates help L&D professionals create content that is accessible to all types of learners, including learners with disabilities.
  • L&D professionals can choose templates that align with specific instructional strategies. For example, blended learning approach, flipped classroom model, problem-based learning, or active learning approaches. This ensures that the courses are not only visually appealing but also effective in facilitating learning outcomes.
  • These templates offer flexibility and adaptability. L&D professionals can adapt and customize templates to suit their unique teaching objectives and learning content. They can easily add custom content, rearrange modules, or incorporate interactive elements.

How eLearning Templates Can Streamline the Course Creation

Efficiency in course creation is achievable through the strategic use of eLearning templates.  Platforms like KREDO, designed to facilitate, promote, and sustain professional growth in corporate workforce by providing quality eLearning content. Selecting templates tailored to content, incorporating interactive elements and adding quiz questions can expedite course creation. Preview the course, make the necessary changes, and save it. Here we go! Your course is now ready to deploy on your LMS.

KREDO provides great eLearning templates for streamlining the course creation process. Here are a few of them:  

Content: KREDO offers various eLearning templates for content presentation, including Welcome, Introduction, Bullet List, Horizontal List, Numbered List, History with Year, Image with Custom Content, Image with Label, Scroll View, Tabular Presentation, Text Image Text, etc. You can also display an external webpage or a video within your content.      

Concept: KREDO offers a variety of eLearning templates for concept presentation with interactivity, such as Accordion, Carousal, Flip Card, Scratch Card, Tabs, Text Slider, Hotspots, etc. You can also launch an external weblink or download a PDF using templates.

Assessment: KREDO offers eLearning templates for Assessment/Quiz questions, such as Agree or Disagree, Drag and Drop, Drag and Fill in Blank, Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Multiple Choice with Images, Select from Dropdown, Sort the Options, Type in Answer, etc. 

Gamified: KREDO provides some interesting, gamified templates for eLearning, such as Basket Ball, Color Connect, Find a Word, Match the Cards, Shooting Aliens, Shoot the Birds, Spin and Win, etc. 

Charts: You can present the content in tables and charts using templates such as Bar Chart, Donut Chart, Line Chart, Tabular Presentation, etc. You can also request new templates based on your requirements. 

By using KREDO, you can even conduct online classroom sessions with the learners. You can create an online event using any of the providers of your choice like Microsoft Teams, Zoom Meetings, or Google Meet. Once you create the event, a link will be generated giving time and duration details. You can share this link in the template. Using the link, learners can attend the online session.

By using certain templates, you can also add videos and other resources to your courses and share them with your learners. In KREDO, you can embed videos using pre-designed templates, or else upload your videos directly to YouTube or Vimeo and share the external links in KREDO. Thus, you can provide additional learning resources to your employees.


The power of e-learning templates in streamlining course creation cannot be overstated. The use of templates saves time and money, enhances consistency and branding, promotes accessibility, and aligns with the best practices in learning and development. Organizations and L&D professionals who embrace e-learning templates can accelerate their course development process while delivering engaging and effective learning experiences to their employees.

eLearning templates are poised to play an increasingly significant role in reshaping the future of learning and training. We’ll discuss your challenges and work with your team in understanding your business needs, learner expectations, and technology environments. If you wish to know how our services, KREDO learning platform, and authoring tool can help your organization in developing various eLearning courses and modules, contact us or write to us at