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LMS With Integrated Video Conferencing –  Expand the Bandwidth of Training Program’s Success

Intro Summary

Video Conferencing solutions have successfully broadened access to various services  including health care, training, and education, etc. with positive outcomes. But what if these platforms are integrated into your learning management system (LMS)? Can this integration enhance  the effectiveness of your training programs? In this article, we will explore how an LMS with integrated video conferencing has the potential to transform  online learning landscape in education and corporate training.


Let’s consider  a scenario – a conversation between two learning and development (L&D) team members.

James: Hi, Sarah, can you tell me how many SME webinars have we conducted  for our employees  last month, and  the response from different departments and employees?

Sarah: I can check the number from my Excel sheet, but it will be difficult to comment on the response. We can manage and schedule courses on an LMS, but how do we do the same  for webinars and instructor led training?

James: What if we schedule these webinars and virtual meetings through an LMS?

Sarah: Well! Tell me more about it….

James: An LMS with video conferencing integration not only manages and schedules virtual meetings but also monitors the learner’s behavior vis-à-vis these online sessions, similar ti what we do with the courses. Let’s look at the benefits of an  LMS with integrated video conferencing.

Advantages of Learning Management System with Video Conferencing

A learning management system and video conferencing solutions have been used separately and successfully for learning outcomes. But when they come together, they create powerful possibilities!

Supports Blended Learning

LMS with integrated video conferencing opens possibilities for quite a few convergences.

Firstly, it allows for an assortment of mediums, providing a healthy mix of abstract and concrete learning experiences.

“Audiovisual materials furnish one especially effective way to extend the range of our vicarious experience.” ~ Edgar Dale

As per  ‘Cone of Learning’ by Edgar Dale, videos provide a more concrete experience than mere icons, text, or visuals. The learner can participate in meetings, Q&A sessions, and converse with experts to assimilate the knowledge and retain it more efficiently.

Secondly, video conferencing through an LMS facilitates virtual instructor-led training (VILT), creating an environment for blended learning.

The learning paths in such a learning management system can include not only courses and resources, but also meetings, webinars, Q&A sessions, and other live training events. It allows the creation of a healthy balance – guidance from instructors and the freedom to go through the courses at a convenient time.

Thirdly, both the courses and the video meetings can be scheduled and managed from the same platform, which is the LMS.

Monitor, Manage, Measure

Similar to  courses, video-based training events can be scheduled and monitored through an LMS The effectiveness of these sessions is measurable through learner’s feedback on live events!  

Additionally, all the resources shared during the meeting can be added seamlessly to the learning path in the LMS.

Automate Admin Tasks

An LMS with  video conferencing  automates several administrative tasks such as attendance, training reminders, etc . This allows  the learning and development team to focus on  creation of engaging learning experiences using content, design, and user interface. The learning management system already has the users and user groups added. The video conferencing integration will obviate the extra effort and time to manually schedule the meetings for the learners. The user groups can be created to include members of any department, team, or any other set of learners.

Streamlined Processes

The client review processes can be efficiently managed when video conferencing is inbuilt in the LMS. The number of iterations and file versions can be tracked easily based on the review dates.

The training processes across geographical boundaries can be managed effectively, as the video conferencing feature in the LMS can help scale the training program across the globe.

The dialogue between James and Sarah sets the context for the appraisal of the benefits of an LMS with the feature of video conferencing. The scope of integrated video conferencing in an LMS  includes:

  • Client reviews
  • Demos to prospective clients and customers
  • Training webinars from subject matter experts and other eLearning professionals around the world
  • Feedback and Q&A sessions
  • Customer training and engagement etc.

Video conferencing integration in LMS helps to scale training programs across the globe. It increases the chances of team collaboration, productivity, and engagement.


Learning Management System with Video Conferencing integration facilitates real-time interactions and promotes active learner engagement. Our LMS, KREDO is a learning management system which has integrated three video conferencing platforms: Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom.

KREDO – Simple to Create, Smart to Express, Effortless to Learn.

It is a confluence of technology and communication, creativity and simplicity, purpose and fun, individual empowerment, and corporate excellence.

You can activate various web conferencing tools from the ‘Marketplace’, and they will be reflected in ’Virtual Meetings’. Connect with any of these tools on the same platform and schedule a meeting in just a few steps. The users can view the meetings’ schedule in KREDO as well as get a notification via mail. The scheduled meetings can be added to the learning path through a simple drag-and-drop interactivity. The recorded meetings can be shared and stored in the LMS as resources for future reference. It is amazing how the convergence of LMS and video conferencing frees up your time while making your training program more efficient.

Video conferencing, engaging templates, and lots more. If you wish to explore our LMS, authoring tool -Prodient, and eLearning creation services, contact me or leave a comment below and we will take it forward from there.